We Should Let You Know

about this site monetization – this site we gamers club (wgc) is monetized by google and we believe you have all the right to know about everything regarding wgc.

we happy when you want know anything you can ask to wgc team.

why we monetize this site ?

we can run this website without monetize also we can run this website without any kind of advertisement that not belongs to our help services but we still do it because beside of you guys help if there we get some extra income to invest for gamers it’s really not bad.

all the earning Coming From Monetize or advertisement it’s directly goes to WGC Organization Fund And It’s spending with donations and services.

also there is not everything monetized some vvip pages or post we never monetized for better experience.

why you should know about ?

if you are a member or visitor of this site you have 100% right to know about everything and ask Will have to answer it. no matter you donate or helping gamers or not as WGC organization Ruls It’s should be public .

without donate can you help?

don’t worry about donation it’s for that people who can just a complementary nothing required when you visit wgc site and share gamers profile it’s counting as help too, Share with friends or social media platforms.