ASAPSCIENCE, founded by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, is a popular YouTube channel that aims to make science engaging, entertaining, and accessible to people of all ages. Through their animated whiteboard-style videos, Mitchell and Greg present complex scientific concepts in a simplified and visually appealing manner, captivating millions of viewers around the world.

Early Beginnings

A Shared Passion for Science Communication

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, both with backgrounds in biology, joined forces to create ASAPSCIENCE in 2012. Their shared love for science and their desire to make it more relatable and understandable to the general public led them to embark on this educational journey.

The Power of Visual Learning

Recognizing the effectiveness of visual learning, Mitchell and Greg developed their distinctive whiteboard animation style, combining colorful illustrations and concise explanations to convey scientific concepts. This approach has resonated with audiences, making complex topics accessible and enjoyable for viewers of all backgrounds.

The ASAPSCIENCE Experience

Exploring Fascinating Science Topics

ASAPSCIENCE covers a wide range of scientific subjects, from biology and chemistry to physics and psychology. Each video explores a specific topic, presenting relevant facts and theories in a concise and engaging manner. Their videos delve into everything from the mysteries of the human brain to the wonders of the universe.

Answering Burning Questions

One of the unique features of ASAPSCIENCE is their Q&A format. Viewers submit questions related to science, and Mitchell and Greg carefully research and provide well-informed answers. This interactive approach allows viewers to actively participate in the learning process and satisfy their curiosity about various scientific phenomena.

Bridging Science and Pop Culture

The Science Behind Everyday Phenomena

ASAPSCIENCE often explores the science behind everyday phenomena that pique people’s curiosity. They shed light on topics like why we yawn, the science of love and attraction, the effects of caffeine, and many other relatable subjects. By connecting science to everyday experiences, ASAPSCIENCE makes learning fun and applicable to daily life.

Collaborations with Celebrities and Influencers

ASAPSCIENCE has collaborated with various celebrities and influencers to bring scientific knowledge to a broader audience. By teaming up with well-known personalities, they fuse science with pop culture, resulting in engaging and entertaining content that reaches beyond traditional science enthusiasts.