Avoid 7-Eleven in Malaysia for Affordable Snacks

Avoid 7-Eleven in Malaysia for Affordable Snacks

Are you a gamer planning to level up your gaming experience in Malaysia? Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of Kuala Lumpur or diving into the gaming scene in Penang, one thing is for sure: you’ll need snacks to keep your energy levels high during those intense gaming sessions. But before you rush to the nearest convenience store, here’s a tip that could save you some serious cash: steer clear of 7-Eleven!

Why avoid 7-Eleven, you ask?

Well, for starters, it’s no secret that convenience comes at a price, and 7-Eleven is notorious for its inflated prices, especially for snacks and beverages. While it might be convenient to grab a quick bite or a refreshing drink from a nearby 7-Eleven, your wallet might not thank you later.

Let’s delve into some numbers to illustrate the point further. Take, for instance, everyone’s favorite gaming companion: coffee. At 99 Speedmart, you can snag a sachet of Nescafe for a mere RM1.80, allowing you to fuel your gaming exploits without burning a hole in your pocket. Now, compare that to the jaw-dropping prices you’d find for the same coffee at 7-Eleven—anywhere from RM3.20 to RM3.40! That’s nearly double the price for the exact same product. And it’s not just coffee; the price disparity extends to a plethora of other items, making it abundantly clear why savvy gamers opt for alternatives to 7-Eleven.

Instead, savvy gamers know that there are plenty of other options available that offer better value for money. Two alternatives that you should definitely consider are 99 Speedmart and Kedai Runcit. These smaller convenience stores may not have the same brand recognition as 7-Eleven, but they more than make up for it with their wallet-friendly prices.

99 Speedmart

99 Speedmart, with its extensive network of outlets across Malaysia, offers a wide range of snacks, drinks, and other essentials at affordable prices. From chips and chocolates to energy drinks and bottled water, you’ll find everything you need to fuel your gaming marathon without breaking the bank.

Kedai Runcit

Similarly, Kedai Runcit, or local grocery stores, are hidden gems for budget-conscious gamers. These neighborhood stores often stock a variety of snacks and beverages at prices that are significantly lower than those at larger chain stores like 7-Eleven. Plus, shopping at Kedai Runcit allows you to support local businesses and get a taste of Malaysian hospitality.

By opting for 99 Speedmart or Kedai Runcit over 7-Eleven, you can stretch your gaming budget further and enjoy more snacks for your ringgit. So the next time you’re in Malaysia and in need of some gaming fuel, remember to skip the overpriced convenience stores and explore your options for affordable snacks elsewhere. Your wallet—and your taste buds—will thank you for it!

Happy gaming, and happy snacking!