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Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro

Frequency Response: 12 – 20.000Hz | Driver Size: 50mm | Connection Type: 3.5mm or PC Splitter Cable | Weight: 1.31 lbs


  • Excellent for glasses wearers
  • Balanced and clear sound
  • Highly comfortable
  • Multiplatform
    • Quality issues
    • Pricey

      We Rating:   8.2/10

      As always, Turtle Beach manages to excel when it comes to addressing the comfort of their products. Armed with the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System, in practice the inlaid channel designed specifically to house your ear pieces creates a comfortable, pressure-less space just for you. In execution, it lives up to its claims, thankfully.

      The ear pads as a whole are comfortable, but they also happen to be one of this product’s design flaws. After enough use, you may be unlucky enough to find that one of the pads will disconnect and fall off from the Elite Atlas Pro’s frame. It’s also not made out of the most breathable of materials, which may result in a little bit of extra heat around the ears.

      The top section of the frame has a nifty suspended pad that readily adapts to any sized head for optimal comfort for long gaming sessions. All things considered, so long as the pads stay on, you can play for virtually as long as you want with this headset without worrying about pain or discomfort.

      Unfortunately, the frame isn’t as durable as it feels. While at a glance the build quality seems to be of a high standard, it’s not quite up to snuff compared to other headsets of similar build, design, and price. Be extra careful while using it, or else parts of it will break. Then again, what headsets are truly impervious to damage?

      As per sound quality, you’ll find no complaints here. At the core of its core features, the sound quality must be of the highest rating, and the Elite Atlas Pro comfortably slides into premium territory on that front. 50mm nanospeakers are designed with communication in mind, delivering crisp audio from your teammates and impactful environmental sound for top tier gameplay.

      Circling back to communication, the Truspeak technology that Turtle Beach promotes for this product is… decent. Certainly not bad by any means, but it not the end-all-be-all of mic tech. It’s got noise cancelling, which is great and functions well, but combined with a sensitive mic makes communicating a tad annoying. Too close and your teammates hear too much, too far and they hear too little. If you find the ideal area, phenomenal, but it could be a little better.

      Even though the microphone isn’t as superb as it could be, this is a phenomenal tool for team-based games that’s accessible across any platform. PC, Xbox, Playstation, your phone, anything works with this corded headset. Though it’s not the most durable, it’s a great fit for those aspiring streamers and professional gamers looking for a set that prides itself on communication.


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