Cable Guys are cute but functional accessories specifically for holding controllers, tv remotes and mobile phones. Whether you are a Halo enthusiast or not, this miniature Master Chief is badass and will add instant cool points to any gaming set-up.

Hold this for me

The iconic black and green of Xbox, on a mug. This cool cup changes from black to green when in contact with heat, officially licensed by Xbox for tea, coffee or a cheeky mulled wine. Perfect for grabbing mid-game drinks when waiting for your friends to ready up.

Pour me another one

Nobody wants to settle in for a long gaming session in jeans, so instead opt for these comfy lounge pants branded to the hilt in our favorite team green sigil. 100% cotton and available in S to XXL, these are a perfect uniform for some holiday chill time.

Game in comfort

If you have a modicum of self control and don't just eat the entire bag of snacks in one gaming session, then keep your chips fresh with these cute 'chip clips' shaped like your favorite console controller.

Keep your chips fresh

Official Xbox Console Pin

The first Xbox console was released in 2002 and the shape and design is still iconic today. The original thicc boy has been immortalized in this cute pin. which any collector would love in their stocking. The Xbox Store also has the 360, the One and the Series X|S if you're looking to collect all the generations in miniature.