Live streams are the best way to grow your audience and get them engaged. But, let’s face it, always creating new content can be exhausting. Since consistency is key to your online success, as an individual or a brand, you need to keep creating content. On this blog post, we’ve put together a list of 30 live streaming content ideas for your next live videos. With this list, you’ll be able to keep creating amazing content without struggling with ideas.

Here you can find content ideas for your business live videos and for personal ones. Either way, they will help you create a connection with your audience and build relationships. The live streaming content ideas on this list can be mixed and matched, creating more and more ideas for you in a never-ending cycle.

 Live Streaming Content Ide

 Live spontaneous session to answer questions about yourself. Take the opportunity to show your personality and connect with your followers

Do a live product or service demonstration. A live demo helps educate people about your product. It builds trust and can increase sales.
Share your expertise. Give your audience your best tips related to the industry. To be able to reach and grow your audience, your content needs to bring them value.
Live Q&A (Questions & Answers) session about topics related to your business or interests. It’s a great way to engage with your audience and establish yourself as an expert.
Promote your content. Live video can be a great tool to promote other content you create. For example, when you write a new blog post or upload a video on YouTube, you can go live and let your audience know about it, while giving some extra information on the topic.
Create live webinars or trainings. Webinars can be useful to educate your audience and deliver a lot of value. It also gives you a chance to generate leads by getting people to sign up with an email address.
Show your setup, at your office or at home. People are always curious to learn more about you and they will love to take a sneak peek behind the curtain.

Share your thoughts on a trending topic related to your industry. This is a great way to establish yourself as an expert and gives you a chance to reach a broader audience, due to the high search volume of trending topics.
Do a part of your job, live. Is that a part of your job that is particularly interesting, different or odd? Your fans would love to know more about it and see what you deal with.
Share a live quick tutorial on a tool that you use. Is there a tool you use everyday, that helps you a lot? Do a live tutorial for it to your followers, they will appreciate you taking the time and might learn something new.
Live, in-person, interviews. You can interview your team, partners or reach out to influencers in the industry. Anyone that would be relevant for your audience.
Online live interviews. You can interview people anywhere in the world. Interviews allow you tap into the guest’s audience, which can become your audience too.
Events Live streaming. Next time you are at an event or even if it’s your own, make sure you go live. Give your followers a taste of what you are experiencing.
Live Streaming Content Ideas – Behind the Scenes
Behind-the-scenes. Before or after a presentation, talk, product launch or any important event, share a behind-the-scenes sneak peek with your audience. People are always curious about the backstage.
Broadcast your own speech or presentation at an event (if it’s allowed). The recording of this live video, can later on be used as additional content on your channel or page.
If you have interesting case studies, ask for permission and share them with your audience, live. It might help you increase sales.
Create a live video to raise funds for a cause or charity. Social media platforms allow viewers to send you money, so you can get them to join your cause and send money towards it.
Send a live invitation. If you have an upcoming online or in-person event, you can use live video to invite people to join you. It’s a great way to raise awareness for the event and answer people’s questions.
Talk to your audience. Popular themes for live sessions are: “What you’d tell your younger self?” or “Things I wish I knew before…”. An advice that you wish you had received, which might help others. If it resonates with viewers, they will share your video with others.
Teach your audience how to do something you do differently than most people. Perhaps you have your own organizing system or writing process. Find common interests between you and your audience.