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Ausdom AW635
 Ausdom AW635

Ausdom AW635

For Close-ups

FOV: 60 degrees | Video Resolution: 1080p @ 30 fps | Megapixels: 2 | Focus: Autofocus

1080p @ 30 fps
360 degree swivel
Zoomed in
Poor microphone
Prone to glare
Poor color reproduction
Very little texture reproduction

The Ausdom AW635 is one of the cheaper webcams on this list, coming in at $53.99 on the official Ausdom Amazon listing. It’s half the size of the Logitech C920, records in 1080p @ 30 fps, and has a built-in omnidirectional microphone. What makes it unique is its zoom. 

The Ausdom AW635 shoots zoomed-in video that fits about one head in frame, making it ideal for video chats, but not much else. There’s no way to control the zoom on the AW635, but if you want the focus to be squarely on you and not on your background, it will do that for you.

As for its video quality, its colors tend to appear lighter than in real life, its autofocus tends to be sensitive and frequently adjust and it’s more prone to glare than the Ausdom AF640. Texture also doesn’t come across well on the AW635, making it a better choice for casual use than business use.

It’s microphone, unfortunately, has a quiet, fuzzy and muffled sound quality.

But in a nice touch that gives it some added versatility, it will swivel 360 degrees. However, it won’t tilt up or down.

Its price still makes it cheaper than other options on this list, and while it might not be as reliable as the Logitech C920 or even the Logitech C525, it will work well if you don’t want to break the bank. 


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