Console Gaming Setup

Whether you’re playing on an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, your console gaming setup requires a few essentials. Make sure you’re able to enjoy your games to their full potential by building a fully equipped console gaming setup that emphasizes comfort and function.
Console Gaming Chair
While many PC gamers prefer playing close to eye level with their monitor or monitors, most console gaming setups include a floor gaming chair paired with an elevated TV. This promotes the more comfortable, relaxed gameplay made possible by smaller, handheld controllers.
Console gaming chairs are available in two styles: rocker and floor. Rocker chairs are sturdy, L-shaped chairs that rock freely from front to back and can be reclined at the gamer’s convenience, while floor chairs mostly take the form of large, soft cushions or bean bag chairs. Because of their structure, rocker gaming chairs provide slightly more support than floor chairs, while floor chairs tend to be more comfortable.
Similar to choosing a PC gaming chair, it’s important to keep in mind material, life stage, and size when choosing a console gaming chair.

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