In the market for one of the best gaming TVs? Whether you’re after the best TV for PS5, the best TV for Xbox Series X, or the ideal 1080p display that’s perfect for your Nintendo Switch, then you’ve found the right guide for you.

You might not necessarily need a new gaming TV if your next big console buy is the Steam Deck, of course, but a new display might still be worth keeping in mind for purposes beyond gaming.

Much like with the best gaming PCs, the best gaming TVs try to cover all fronts in terms of the user experience. While these TVs are fantastic for gaming, certain specifications like 4K and HDR make activities outside of gaming – such as watching movies and shows – an absolute joy. On the flipside, you’ll find that most mid-range and premium displays will also feature gaming-specific modes as manufacturers catch on to gaming’s ever-increasing popularity.

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We’re now well in the midst of a new wave of TV technologies, with HDMI 2.1 acting as the gold standard for accurate display of 4K/120Hz gameplay, as well as reliable variable refresh rate performance and input lag-reduction. As such, there’s never been a better time to look at buying one of the best gaming TVs.

Plus, there’s no reason to miss out if you’re sticking to older consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, or the 1080p-maxed Nintendo Switch. The best gaming TVs featured here still offer crystal clear image quality and low input lag, which can certainly make more colorful titles like Super Mario Odyssey or Fortnite really pop.

And if 60Hz isn’t enough for your gaming needs, you may want to consider looking at a TV that supports higher frame rates. In which case, you should check out our best 120Hz 4K TV buying guide to suit your needs.

Certain gaming TVs may be better suited better to one console over another, too. For instance, the PS5’s 3D Audio doesn’t support Dolby Atmos sound, whereas the Xbox Series X/S does. These specialist formats may not be an issue for everyone, but there are key hardware differences that need to be kept in mind.

We have vast amounts of experience when it comes to reviewing the best gaming TVs on the market – and while keeping track of PS5 restocks remains a frustratingly difficult task, those of you lucky enough to own Sony’s elusive console – or the Xbox Series X/S or Nintendo Switch – need look no further than the gaming TVs listed below.