intentional ad creative is more important than ever

Compelling and engaging advertising creative is important for game growth. It creates relationships with potential players, drives campaign results and ultimately future-proofs businesses.

But how do you create ads that really resonate? This is a particular challenge in the games industry where advertisers often use similar strategies when developing ads. In fact, one study showed that 56% of gamers say nearly all or many of the ads they see are repetitive.

But you don’t have to copy the competition, or “hit and hope”. By being proactive and structured in your approach to ad creation, you can understand what works and – more importantly – why. We call this creative experimentation, or Creative Prototyping.

We’ve developed a new playbook to guide games advertisers through this experimentation process. It uses a framework of Ask, Make, Learn and Adapt. It contains step-by-step instructions on forming hypotheses, right through to ad building, testing and adapting. It also features case studies and examples from industry leaders like Babil Games, Goodgame and Gram Games.
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Learn how to:

  • Ask: Develop a learning agenda and craft creative hypotheses for tests based on what you’re trying to learn and the outcome measures that will determine success.

  • Make: Design the creative assets based on your hypotheses to maximise learning outcomes.

  • Learn: Design your creative testing methodology and analyze results of the experiment based on primary and secondary KPIs.

  • Adapt: Strategically and creatively determine the next and future implementation of learnings.

The changing ads ecosystem means that businesses will find it harder to deliver personalized ads and accurately measure campaign performance. Reduced signals also lessen the ability to target specific audiences and optimize ad creative based on their behavior. Therefore games advertisers need to evolve their strategic approach, placing learning at its core, to develop creative that’s more broadly applicable to audiences.

Learn more about the Creative Prototyping framework, including step-by-step instructions, best practices and case studies in our new playbook, available to download for free here.

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