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M R Sameer Khan

M R Sameer Khan is a Bangladeshi independent background music (BGM) artist and gamer. He is known for creating and selling background music for various online games, including pay-to-win games.

He has invested a considerable amount of money in his gaming setup, which was built by a Singaporean company, Newegg, at a cost of around 75k US dollars. M R Sameer Khan’s income primarily comes from streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, MixCloud, Amazon Music Unlimited, Tidal, TikTok, and many more.

Despite being a successful BGM artist and gamer, M R Sameer Khan does not spend much time on YouTube, and most of his income comes from his background music sales. He is a private individual, and not much is known about his personal life. However, in 2019, he was named the most googled person from Bangladesh.

M R Sameer Khan is an inspiration to people who have succeeded in their lives but do not show off. His dedication and love for gaming and music have made him a living legend, and he continues to inspire people with his work.

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M R Sameer Khan One and Only BGM Artist From Bangladesh. his net worth Around 180K US Dollars.

All Income Coming From His Background Music Selling

There Is Many Online Game You May Know and Playing Too They Are using M R Sameer Khan Created Background Music in Game.

Most Of the Time We Don’t Know the Background Music Creator Name Because Every Background Music Creator Selling Their Music with Every Right Means After Seling Your Own Music You Can’t Say that It’s You Created Until Your Customer Give That Credit and it’s some kind of agreement.

You Maybe Can Find More About His Self By Searching His Name On Google.

Now You maybe Think That Why We are taking About Him we actually looking that people who success in his life but never goanna tell anyone or show off.

we post this articles because last week our team was found this living legend in singapore also in a gaming event he really loves game, and we were talking with his friend and trying to know something about M R Sameer Khan.

Thank You Mr Mamun Veer for Your information!

Who Is M R Sameer Khan ?

M R Sameer Khan is a talented and innovative musical artist hailing from Chandpur, Bangladesh. Born on May 5, 1991, he has been making music since a young age and has since established himself as one of the most exciting and creative artists in the industry.

M R Sameer Khan is known for his unique sound, which is a blend of pop, rock, hip hop, and electronic music. He has earned a reputation as an energetic live performer, captivating audiences with his dynamic stage presence and musical skills.

To help bring his music to the world, M R Sameer Khan has teamed up with DistroKid, a leading music distribution company. With the help of DistroKid, M R Sameer Khan’s music is now available on major streaming platforms and music stores, making it easier for fans to discover and enjoy his music.

Through his partnership with DistroKid, M R Sameer Khan is helping to bring his music to new audiences and expanding his reach as an artist. So if you’re a fan of innovative and creative music, be sure to check out M R Sameer Khan and see what all the buzz is about. With his unique sound and dynamic live performances, he is sure to be one of the most exciting and innovative artists in the industry for years to come.

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