PopLive, formerly known as Alively, is ideal for anyone who doesn’t enjoy the public exposure of posting live broadcasts to massive social media networks.

Available on both iOS and Android, PopLive has the charm of an intimate sharing experience while using the broad concept of live streaming. Currently, the moment a user downloads PopLive, they will begin to receive relevant alerts about real-time broadcasts by syncing the app with existing contacts lists.

Unlike other live streaming apps on this list, PopLive, surprisingly, doesn’t use hearts and likes. If you’re looking for engagement with a wide range of users, this app may not be the top option. 

When a live streamer adds any live footage or content, the app’s servers automatically save it in the cloud to preserve precious smartphone storage. PopLive claims they offer high-quality streams by delaying broadcast to 30 seconds. This way, viewers can receive clearer images in near real-time.

But, the best feature of them all?

Synced contacts don’t need to have the app installed to tune in to your live broadcast and start watching. Viewers can be sent videos using SMS, which automatically plays within their messaging platform with original quality.