The Warcraft Niche

The Warcraft Niche

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With over 12 million paid subscribers and growing everyday, World of Warcraft is the best and biggest game EVER. This niche is extremely hot and it will only get better as Blizzard releases bigger expansions.

  1. With an amazing sales page this product sells itself. As you can read from the testimonials in our forum, the quality of our product is extremely high and our customers always comes back for more.
  2. Leveling Guide – Easiest and simplest guide to use. We believe we provide the FASTEST leveling route which makes our guide the BEST in the market. While our competitors are focused on making their guide look better, we focus on the guide itself and better functionality. Other guides can become too complicated for the average user, which can discourage them from using it.
  3. Dailies & Events Guides – We released this guide almost a YEAR ahead of our competitors, we pioneered it and others will follow. This guide is extremely popular for veteran players who already own a level 80 character.
  4. Dungeon Leveling Guides – Another unique guide that we created, Leveling guides that doesn’t support Dungeons are slower and still living in the past, there’s a huge demand with Dungeon Guides and DugiGuides is the only guide that can offer it.
  5. We give away a level 1-20 guide to help players get started and HOOKED into our guides, This is the best way to sell.
  6. We have been in the WoW business since it first began in late 2004, many other guides out there are written by free lance writers and sold by internet marketers who know nothing about the game. Our guides are designed by WoW Gamers for WoW Gamers. We know what the market wants and we know how to help our customers. I myself still play wow actively on everyday.
  7. Not a faceless corporation – I’m a real person and I can help my affiliates personally, feel free to contact me dave at at any time for any enquiry. I started with internet markerting as an affiliate myself and I know what’s important.
  8. We are an ethical company. We focus on our products and our customers, we don’t waste our time and money on anything else.

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