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Acer Nitro VG252Q

The best cheap gaming monitors are rare and usually come with issues like jittery images or muted colours. Thankfully, Acer’s Nitro VG252Q (available on Dynacore® Technologies™) provides terrific value for money — perfect if you already spent all your budget maximising their specifications on your custom PC. Despite its affordable price point, this Acer gaming monitor features a VA panel, 144 Hz refresh rate and solid colour contrast so it’s definitely one of the best 144Hz monitors as you won’t have to deal with issues like input lag and screen tearing.

Additionally, many consider this budget display as one of the best gaming monitors because it offers the G-Sync feature! For all you PC enthusiasts, this allows the display to gauge your graphics card’s output and dynamically tailors that to your gaming monitor, immediately solving the aforementioned problems.

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