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Akebstar is a distinguished GTA 5 content creator from Myanmar, renowned for his captivating videos and engaging presence on YouTube. With a substantial subscriber base of 136K, he has garnered recognition as a prominent figure within the Myanmar gaming community.

Early life

Specific details regarding Akebstar’s early life are not readily available, as is often the case with online personalities. However, it’s plausible that his passion for gaming and content creation emerged during his formative years, possibly influenced by Myanmar’s evolving gaming culture and the rise of online platforms.


Akebstar embarked on his YouTube journey on March 22, 2018, marking the inception of his endeavor to entertain and engage audiences with GTA 5 content. Leveraging his gaming skills and unique style, he likely began creating videos showcasing gameplay, commentary, and possibly tutorials or tips related to the virtual world of Los Santos. Over time, his dedication and consistent content creation efforts contributed to the growth of his channel, establishing him as a notable content creator within the Myanmar gaming community.

Notable achievements

With a subscriber count of 136K, Akebstar’s channel has achieved commendable milestones within the YouTube gaming sphere. These achievements may include the creation of popular videos, collaborations with fellow creators, recognition from gaming communities, or even awards for his contributions to gaming content creation. His ability to entertain and engage audiences underscores the impact and success of his content.


Akebstar’s rankings within the Myanmar YouTube gaming community likely reflect his significant subscriber count and viewership metrics. His channel’s popularity and engagement levels may have elevated him to prominence within the gaming content creator landscape in Myanmar, earning him respect and admiration from fans and peers alike.


Beyond YouTube, Akebstar may have expanded his presence across various social media platforms to further interact with his audience and diversify his content. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook could serve as additional channels for him to engage with fans, share updates, and collaborate with fellow creators.

Akebstar’s journey as a GTA 5 content creator from Myanmar underscores the influence of passion, dedication, and creativity in the digital realm. Through his engaging content and growing popularity, he continues to leave a lasting impression on the gaming community, contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of online entertainment.

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