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Moez and Walid, better known as Born2Kill, are a formidable duo in Egypt’s gaming landscape, renowned for their exceptional skills and engaging content creation. As professional gamers and content creators, they have amassed a significant following, with 9.42 million subscribers on YouTube and over 481,000 followers on Instagram. Their combined efforts have cemented their status as leading figures in the gaming community.

Early life

Born and raised in Egypt, Moez and Walid developed a passion for gaming from a young age. Bonded by their shared love for video games, they embarked on a journey together to pursue their dreams of becoming professional gamers and content creators.


Moez and Walid’s journey in the gaming industry began on YouTube, where they started sharing gameplay videos, tutorials, and highlights from popular titles such as Garena Free Fire. Their innate talent and dedication to gaming quickly garnered attention, attracting a growing audience of fans eager to watch their gameplay and learn from their strategies.

As their channel gained momentum, Moez and Walid diversified their content to include a wide range of gaming-related topics, from tips and tricks to weapon guides and commentary on gaming news. Their engaging personalities, entertaining commentary, and impressive gaming prowess resonated with viewers, propelling them to prominence within the gaming community.

Notable achievements

Moez and Walid have achieved widespread recognition for their exceptional sniper skills in Garena Free Fire, particularly with the AWM. Their precision and accuracy with the sniper rifle have earned them a dedicated fan base worldwide, who admire their mastery of the game.

Moreover, Moez and Walid’s influence extends beyond their massive subscriber count and social media following. They have hosted gaming tournaments, collaborated with fellow creators, and participated in community events, further solidifying their reputation as respected figures in the gaming industry.


Moez and Walid are known for their active involvement in the gaming community, particularly within the Garena Free Fire community. They regularly interact with fans on social media platforms, share updates and announcements, and collaborate with other content creators to promote gaming culture and unity.

Additionally, Moez and Walid use their platform to raise awareness about important social issues, advocate for mental health awareness, and support charitable causes. Their commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond gaming, earning them respect and admiration from fans worldwide.


Moez and Walid’s journey from passionate gamers to celebrated content creators exemplifies the transformative power of gaming to entertain, inspire, and unite individuals. With their talent, dedication, and unwavering commitment to their craft, they continue to leave a lasting impression on the gaming community, solidifying their status as beloved icons in Egypt and beyond.

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