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Logitech G430
With an above-average ranking in almost every category, the Logitech G430 delivers high quality at a very low price, landing itself a spot on our list here today. Unfortunately, the G430 has a 3.5mm male connector and is only compatible with the PC and PlayStation video game consoles.

Logitech understands that cranking up the volume just to block out ambient noise could lead to headaches and future hearing impairment. That is why the G430 features active noise cancellation functionality for you to effectively block out background noises at a reasonable and healthy volume.

This model is also widely favoured by many customers thanks to its impressive 360-degree Dolby 7.1 surround sound system that provides gamers a truly immersive experience.
Communication is key in multiplayer games. Luckay for you, the G430 comes with high quality noise-cancelling microphone so that your teammates and friends can hear you perfectly. These microphones are even designed to filter out background noise, making it especially useful in noisy environments.

Additionally, the G430 features full-size earcups that enclose your ears fully for a comfortable and snug feeling without squeezing the head. Aside from providing comfort, they also work to increase sound isolation while reducing the chances of sound leakage. Overall, the Logitech G430 is a great headset choice that offers potential for maximum bass and loudness.


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