Bright Side

Dark Side


Great For Large Hands

Wired Only


Low Click Latency 

Stiff Cable


Many Programmable Buttons 


Full Compatibility With Windows And MacOS





Looking for a more affordable alternative to the legendary Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED which is no stranger to the gaming scene? The G502 HERO is its fair equivalent. Aside from being a wired-only mouse, they both perform almost identically.





Having 11 programmable buttons, RGB lighting and five removable weights, the G502 HERO gives users the opportunity to customise gameplay as much as possible. Because of its ergonomic design, the mouse also feels solid and well-built, brandishing a premium look overall.




Due to its large size, the G502 HERO is better suited for large hands. All in all, the low click latency, superb sensor performance as well as compatibility with Windows and macOS definitely outshines the mouse’s main downside – the stiff cable.



FANTECH Thor X9 Gaming Mouse