Olive Video Editor

A project which is still in development, Olive has been grabbing the attention of many video editors across the world. Everyone from Instagram vloggers to gamers can benefit from using this, as it’s both powerful and easy to edit with. Currently, there are some aspects of this editor that can definitely be improved upon.


Like the transitions, particularly video transition effects. A lot of transition effects you find in more mature editors are missing from Olive. It is also extremely easy to cut, trim, and piece together multiple video clips along with audio tracks and photos in a relatively short amount of time. The UI is pretty standard, you have a project area, a preview window, a timeline, and a media viewer window that shows you the properties of selected media.

The most impressive part of Olive is its performance. Even with 4k footage, you can easily scrub through the timeline on a mid-range PC. It is also not as likely to crash compared to some of the other free editors. And it’s open-source so you can run it on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Once you perform the relatively simple installation process (download from their website), you can start editing right away. Just drag and drop files into the project area, from here you can add them to the timeline. You can then incorporate stuff like transitions, special effects, etc. From the media viewer window, you can modify stuff like resolution, scale, framerate, etc.
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One thing present in Olive which is absent from kdenlive, OpenShot, and Shotcut, is Bezier-curve animations. Olive also has proxy-clip support, so you can test your edits without completely nuking performance when working on extremely complicated projects. Hardware acceleration is supported, and Olive has a GPU preview that uses OpenGL for playback and GLSL effects. This allows you to have smoother timeline playback even on lower-end machines. Olive supports multiple export formats and doesn’t have a hard limit on the export resolution like Lightworks.

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