Omen 30L Gaming DesktopThe Omen 30L is a 4K gaming desktop that’s configured for esports right out of the box. Pre-built with some of the most desirable modern hardware, it features a 10th-gen i9 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 graphics for some serious playing power.

In terms of the build, the Omen utilizes a custom-made chassis by Cooler Master. With its sleek design, this not only looks great but is also very easy to upgrade. Both the tempered glass front and side panels provide tool-less access to the interior allowing you to customize whatever you want.

Besides the processor and the graphics card, the system includes a Dorado OC-AMP m-ATX motherboard, 32 GB of HyperX XMP RAM, and a 750w Platinum 80+ PSU. Additionally, for storage you get a 1TB Western Digital NVMe drive, adding to the other top-shelf components in this rig.

To keep thermals in check, the unit relies on both liquid and air cooling. The CPU is liquid-cooled by a 120mm AIO cooler, whereas the GPU has three built-in fans. For ventilation, one 120mm RGB fan supplies air to the GPU from the front of the case and this is exhausted by a 92mm fan at the rear.

Overall, the Omen 30L is ideal for someone that wants the latest high-end tech in a no-frills package. Just turn it on, load your games and enjoy!