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Samsung LC49RG90SSEXXS

The Samsung LC49RG90SSEXXS (available on Sgdigihub) is one of the best gaming monitors for fully immersive gaming sessions! At 49 inches wide, this super ultrawide Samsung gaming monitor boasts a 32:9 aspect ratio alongside its HDR and 120Hz refresh rate support. Imagine this: to achieve a similar view, you’d have to place two 27-inch monitors side by side and get rid of the disruptive bezels in between!

Engineering feats aside, the LC49RG90SSEXXS is also a wicked multi-tasking tool. You can open up to four applications concurrently to fill up your entire display! To take full advantage of this, we recommend setting up a 16:9 gaming window and filling up the remaining space with streaming or music applications.

Psst, wondering how to fit this massive behemoth of a gaming monitor on your desk? The Xiaomi Squirrey Multi-Function Monitor Arm (available on 131Express) frees up your existing desk space by taking the load off the monitor’s stand. Thanks to its spring mounting properties, you can effortlessly adjust and swivel your monitor. This lets you freely adjust the hefty monitor to fit your sitting posture.

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