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SteelSeries Arctis Pro We Gamers Club
Frequency Response: 10 – 40.000Hz | Driver Size: 40mm | Connection Type: USB, 3.5mm | Weight: 0.94 lbs.


  • Super comfortable even with glasses
  • Cooling gel does a great job to keep your ears cool
  • OLED menu for full control over the sound
  • Rich, immersive audio
  • Retractable, clear microphone
  • High quality construction
  • RGB illuminated


  • Premium price
  • Surround sound is worse than expected

    We Rating:   9.0/10

    As one of the more expensive gaming headsets you’re set to find around, you’d hope that the SteelSeries Arctis Pro can fully and sufficiently deliver on its price. In regards to most categories that the Arctic Pro is judged under, it appears to come out swinging.

    First things first, it doesn’t have any particular design characteristics that make it targeted at glasses-wearing users. However, while it lacks inlaid channels to relieve strain, it makes up for the lack of specified tech with large encompassing cooling ear pads. It provides plenty of space for your ears and ear pieces, preventing undue strain and keeping you in the game longer.

    As it comes out of the box, the overall comfort and compatibility between your head and the Arctis Pro is not guaranteed to be perfect. Given that it’s adjustable, however, that’s not too surprising. The suspended ski goggle pad design for the top frame helps maintain a snug fit that redistributes weight and pressure across your cranium. There’s not much else to say in that regard, it excels in comfort design, letting you play for hours on end.

    Wired products, while lacking the free functionality that wireless options enjoy, at least don’t have to worry about connection issues. The cord itself is durable, doesn’t tangle, and overall provides you with a premium experience for long-term use.

    You may have issues with volume. Results vary wildly, sometimes being too quiet, sometimes being too loud, and sometimes favoring one side of the headset over the other. The Arctis Pro comes with an OLED menu for full control over sound, balance, and equalization, but it lacks the stability that’s otherwise taken for granted with most gaming headsets.

    Assuming your cord hasn’t had a massive malfunction, your audio will come through crystal clear, volume issues or no. In-game audio is accurate, immersive, and remains distortion-free for any volume. The speakers are a tad bit sensitive, meaning you’ll need to take care of the headset to preserve its optimal settings and performance, but besides that it delivers on top-tier audio quality.

    Finally, the microphone works great. It easily picks up on voices while filtering out background noise (though admittedly it could improve on the latter), while being positioned optimally without being obstructive. Plus, it’s retractable, capitalizing on its convenience and helping retain durability.

    The nightmare of gambling on an expensive gaming headset is palpable, and no matter how many reviews you read you may never be fully confident until you have the product in your own hands.

    For the SteelSeries Arctis Pro, in terms of audio and microphone quality, design, form, durability, and function, scores incredibly well, making it an excellent choice for aspiring gamers in the professional circuit or just for casual, everyday use.


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