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The Forgotten City

This mystery game was originally a Skyrim mod that became so popular it turned into a standalone game. The central premise of The Forgotten City is as simple to understand as it is unique. You, a resident of a Roman city, are one day whisked away through a portal to a place that for all intents and purposes is still your home, only much more pleasant. You want to find out what happened, but you also notice you’re stuck in a classic Groundhog day one-day time loop, so escape becomes somewhat of a priority.

To get to the bottom of things, you travel through the city and talk to its inhabitants. These conversations are expertly crafted, and there are many fully fleshed-out characters to meet, also thanks to a number of side quests. The time loop allows for you to make mistakes, since no one will remember, and all in all there are plenty of questions to answer and the central mystery stays satisfying throughout.

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