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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

With this bundle, two Ace Attorney spinoffs that didn’t make it to the West during their original release are finally here. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles tells the story of Ryuichi Naruhodo, ancestor of ace attorney Phoenix Wright, who becomes a lawyer almost entirely against his will. Not only that, Ryuichi has to leave Japan and travel to England to defend people there, which means he has to deal with a new court system and a population that often doesn’t think well of the Japanese.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles isn’t as much about hilariously overdrawn villains as the original Ace Attorney games were, even though there’s plenty of quirky characters around – it’s an Ace Attorney game after all. Instead, there’s a bigger focus on cases you can solve without wildly guessing, and it’s undoubtedly an ode to the great detective, the one, the only – Herlock Sholmes.

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