LCGS AH-390 is perhaps the best and most expensive prebuilt gaming PC you can buy from Thermaltake. Sporting a 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X CPU and a Nividia RTX 3080 GPU, it gives you all the power you need to vanquish the competition while looking deadly in the process.

A big part of this setup is down to its unique open-air chassis. Inspired by the Apache helicopter, it features two 5mm thick tempered glass panels on the sides and three 3mm glass panels at the front. This lets you admire the selected RGB hardware found on the motherboard, RAM, and AIO fans.

In terms of specs, the AH-390 comes equipped with an m-ATX AMD B550 motherboard, 16GB of ToughRAM DDR4 RGB memory, and a 750W 80 plus gold PSU. Additionally, you’re getting 1TB of M.2 Gen4 storage to make waiting for data a thing of the past.

Common to other pre-builds, the AH-390 liquid-cools the CPU and air-cools the rest of the hardware. In the roof of the case is a 240mm TT ARGB closed-loop cooler. Moreover, at the front are triple 120mm ARGB fans that work to expel hot air out of the back.


Price – $3,100-$3,500