twitch say I have 3 views when I’ve never streamed

twitch say I have 3 views when I've never streamed?
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twitch say I have 3 views when I’ve never streamed It’s Can Happen For Different Reason Few Reason That Mention Below.

1 Channel Trailer

Twitch Channel Owner Can Upload A Channel Trailer For Viewers That whenever Any Visitor Visit Channel Doing Offline Period Can View Taht Channel Trailer And it’s Count As Channel Views.

2 Upload Video

Twitch User Can Upload Videos On Twitch Channel And After Remove That Videos Twitch Still Count As Channel Views If There Was Any Views On That Channel .

3 Bots Views

If Your Channel Is Totaly New And Just Created Fresh Channel And Still Shows That You Have 3 Views That Means It’s An Bot View From Twitch After Few Days It’s Will Gone .

Here Is 3 reasons That Says You Have 3 Views when never streamed but don’t worry about it ,it’s Just A Simple Matter.

About Twitch

Twitch is an American video live streaming service that focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of esports competitions, in addition to offering music broadcasts, creative content, and “in real life” streams. It is operated by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of,Inc.


Streamer Ninja had been among Twitch’s top personalities, with over 14 million followers. In August 2019, however, Ninja announced that he would move exclusively to a Microsoft-owned competitor, Mixer. After Ninja left, the top three streamers in October 2019 based on follower count were Tfue (7.01 million followers), Shroud (6.45 million followers) and TSM Myth (5.1 million followers).Twitch began signing exclusivity deals with high-profile streamers in December 2019, starting with DrLupo, TimTheTatman, and Lirik,

who had a combined 10.36 million followers at the time.Dr DisRespect signed a multi-year deal in March 2020.In May 2020, Twitch signed popular streamers Summit1g, dakotaz and JoshOG to multi-year exclusive deals. On June 26, 2020, Dr DisRespect was banned from Twitch for unexplained reasons and his channel was removed from the site. Following the discontinuation of Mixer in late-July 2020, both Ninja and Shroud (who had also defected to the service) re-signed exclusively with Twitch.

In August 2021, DrLupo left Twitch for an exclusivity deal with YouTube; TimTheTatman followed in September 2021, as did Ludwig Ahgren in November 2021. Nathan Grayson, for The Washington Post, commented that when streamers moved to Mixer in 2019, Twitch quickly locked down multiple streamers in exclusivity deals; however, streamers who moved to Mixer saw their audiences undergo “a marked downsizing. […] It demonstrated that many viewers within Twitch’s ecosystem, when deprived of their favorite big streamers,

will just find other Twitch streamers to take their place] Now Twitch is bargaining from a place of confidence. That allows it to reevaluate previous deals made when streamers had more leverage”.Grayson reported that lower offers from Twitch coupled with Twitch’s higher streaming hour requirement (“YouTube’s contracts start at 100 hours of streaming time per month while Twitch’s start at 200”) has made YouTube’s exclusivity deals “tantalizing” to some Twitch streamers. Grayson wrote that “Ryan Wyatt, head of YouTube Gaming, said that allowing streamers to have a better work–life balance is a big priority for him”; DrLupo cited work–life balance as part of his decision to leave Twitch.

Copyrighted content

On August 6, 2014, Twitch announced that all on-demand videos on Twitch became subject to acoustic fingerprinting using software provided by content protection company Audible Magic; if copyrighted music (particularly, songs played by users from outside of the game they are playing) is detected, the 30-minute portion of the video which contains the music will be muted. Live broadcasts were not subject to these filters. 

A system was available for those who believed they were inappropriately affected and had rights to the music they used to challenge the filtering. Twitch offered a selection of royalty-free music for streamers to use, which was expanded upon later in January 2015.The audio filtering system, along with the lack of communication surrounding the changes in general, proved to be controversial among users. In a Reddit AMA, co-founder Emmett Shear admitted that his staff had “screwed up” and should have provided advance warning of the changes, and promised that Twitch had “absolutely no intention” of implementing audio filtering on live broadcasts

In June 2020, Twitch received a large wave of DMCA takedown notices aimed at year-old VODs and “clips” (short segments of streams that can be captured by users) that contain copyrighted music from 2017 to 2019. Twitch complied with the takedowns and also issued a number of copyright strikes against viewers. Concerned streamers were notified that they should remove all VODs and clips if not certain they did not contain copyrighted material. This provoked major backlash, both at the loss of prior content but also based on viability concerns due to an inability to review or even rapidly delete content. There were also complaints based that strikes were being issued on viewer-created clips, even where the streamer-created content was deleted.

On September 15, 2020, Twitch signed a licensing agreement with the French performance society SACEM, allowing composers and publishers to collect royalties whenever their music is streamed in France. Twitch already had licensing deals with the American societies ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and Global Music Rights.

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