Is your desk unable to support Samsung’s super ultrawide gaming monitor? Why not give Xiaomi’s Mi Curved Gaming Monitor (available on Gain City Official Store) a try! Despite being a brand that’s more associated with home appliances, Xiaomi brings its A-game with its feature-packed widescreen gaming monitor. With its Ultrawide QHD resolution and affordable price tag, Xiaomi has definitely won our hearts when it comes to topping the best cheap gaming monitors in Singapore.

For bonus gaming smoothness, the monitor features AMD Freesync — a feature that synchronises display refresh rates to your graphics card. Combine this with its Ultrawide QHD resolution, this Xiaomi gaming monitor wins over users with its solid gaming monitor in Singapore. Add to this a minimalist aesthetic and this best 144Hz monitor is definitely our choice for affordable widescreen gaming!

Equipped with this guide, you’re now ready to seek out the gaming monitor of your dreams. Didn’t find your preferred brand listed here? Whether you’re shopping for a secondary display or going all out for a quality gaming-centric one, the diverse array of monitors available will satisfy your needs as you discover models beyond the best 144Hz monitors!