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Angetube Streaming 1080p Webcam
For if you can’t find a Razer Kiyo

Video Resolution: 1080p 30 fps | Focus: Autofocus

Built-in rim lighting
1080p @ 30fps
Comes with cleaning cloth
Good image quality
Clear audio
Plenty of tilt options
360 degree swivel
Quiet audio
Lesser known brand
Can be hard to find

The use case for this one is pretty cut and dry- it’s a knock off Razer Kiyo, and a pretty good one at that. We talked about the Razer Kiyo a little further up this list, but it’s essentially a 1080p webcam built for streamers. That means it has included ring lighting to help brighten up the face, a unique feature that Angetube has copied fairly well here.

With 4 brightness modes (including off), you’ve got plenty of control over your lighting here, and you also have great control over positioning thanks to the wide-ranging vertical tilt and the full 360 degree swivel. This means you can give your photos the best chance they have to come out well, and our testing ended up giving us some great shots with good color and texture reproduction alike. The fear with a webcam like this is that the lighting would just be a cosmetic feature that wouldn’t appear photos, but the Angetube significant affected how well lit my face was on all of its settings.

Audio is a bit more mixed, with my voice coming across clear but quiet in recordings.

The Angetube streaming webcam also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth. This webcam can be hard to find, since lesser known companies frequently swap out old listings with new ones.


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