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Gaming Pc

Looking to build your best gaming pc build this 2021? This guide has the best pc builds at various budgets put together based on the best performing hardware per dollar spent. Building your own gaming pc has many benefits including the ability to customize/personalize your pc, a greater appreciation for your gaming pc build investment and it’s really fun. Even though building your own pc can be more budget-friendly, we all have a budget to adhere to, which is where the following pc builds come into play.

The best gaming pc builds you see below are updated every single month and are split into the most popular budgets and gaming performance categories that allow you to easily plan your next pc without the hassle of doing all of the research yourself.

The following builds are based on popular performance benchmarks and are put together with a specific budget in mind while using aiming for maximum gaming performance. What this means is maximum performance while trying to limit the fluff (ie. flashy hardware that is not needed). Should you have a more exorbitant budget, there are also hardware upgrades included in each of the pc budget categories.

These gaming pc builds below are for new pc builders and experienced builders alike.

If you have any questions leave a comment below, or if you want to learn more about the specifics of the hardware in each of the pc builds budgets, or want upgrade ideas if you have a tad more to spend, then you can visit each budget’s page directly:

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