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M R Sameer Khan plays a variety of games, including Rise of Kingdoms, Ex Free Fire Player, CODM, Sausage Man, GTA 5, and many more. He has invested a significant amount of money in in-game purchases, as evidenced by a screenshot of his bank statement that he shared in an Instagram update, revealing expenditures exceeding 49K USD in 2020.

Most of his spending was on Garena Free Fire, but he encountered a setback when his account was disabled by Facebook. Consequently, he ceased playing Free Fire and cautioned others against investing money in it, citing the game’s inability to recover his lost account.

Despite this setback, M R Sameer Khan continues to play other games and create content for his audience. Renowned for his engaging commentary and entertaining gameplay, he has amassed a large following on his YouTube channel.

Early life

Mr. Sameer, also known as M R Sameer Khan, is a musical artist and a gamer from Bangladesh. Gaming is his hobby, and he enjoys playing various games in his free time. Despite this being a side interest, he has accumulated over 3k subscribers on his gaming YouTube channel. His passion for both music and gaming shines through in his content.


There are many Bangladeshi gaming YouTubers recently gaining more subscribers. However, we want to highlight one individual for a specific reason: he is the first gaming streamer from Bangladesh. Mr. Sameer began live streaming on his Facebook page under the name “Mr. Sameer Khan Gaming” in 2016. Unfortunately, he stopped streaming after a few months due to personal reasons. Despite this, he remains active as a background music creator and gamer, with over 225k followers on his YouTube and Facebook pages. While he no longer streams, you can learn more about him by searching his name on Google.

Notable achievements

  1. Featured Tracks: Several of his original compositions have been featured on popular music platforms, gaining recognition for their unique style and creativity.
  2. Collaborations: He has collaborated with renowned artists both locally and internationally, showcasing his versatility and ability to adapt to different genres and styles.
  3. Live Performances: M R Sameer Khan has performed live at prestigious venues and events, captivating audiences with his musical talent and stage presence.
  4. Music Awards: He has received recognition and awards for his contributions to the music industry, highlighting his skill and dedication as a musician.
  5. Social Media Presence: M R Sameer Khan has amassed a significant following on social media platforms, where he shares his music and engages with fans, further solidifying his presence in the music scene.

These achievements demonstrate M R Sameer Khan’s commitment to his craft and his impact on the music industry, both locally and internationally.


M R Sameer Khan, known as a prominent gamer in Bangladesh, holds the esteemed title of being ranked number 1 in the country. He is particularly recognized for his expertise in playing Garena Free Fire, a popular battle royale game. Moreover, he has participated and excelled in numerous gaming tournaments, showcasing his skills and strategic prowess across a variety of games. M R Sameer Khan’s achievements in the gaming realm solidify his status as a top gamer in Bangladesh, inspiring aspiring gamers and earning him a notable position in the gaming community.


M R Sameer Khan, the renowned musician and top-ranked gamer in Bangladesh, marked a significant milestone in his personal life as he tied the knot on July 24, 2023. Amidst his successful career in both music and gaming, M R Sameer Khan found love and companionship, embarking on a new chapter with his beloved partner. This joyous occasion was celebrated by friends, family, and fans alike, who extended their heartfelt wishes to the newlyweds. As he continues to captivate audiences with his musical talents and gaming prowess, M R Sameer Khan now ventures into married life with enthusiasm and optimism, embracing the journey ahead with his cherished spouse by his side.


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