This HiFi stereo headset from Philips are engineered to deliver the full spectrum of sound thanks to its 50mm neodymium speaker drivers. The special acoustic open-back feature also enhances sound transparency and smoothens extended high frequencies by eliminating air pressure build up behind the driver. 

To further enhance the sound quality, the SHP9500 has been specially designed to fit the ear’s natural geometry and directly channel the sound waves into the ear drum. This not only ensures a more precise and accurate sound but it also creates a dynamic and authentic audio experience. 

However, it has been noted by reviewers that the headset does not properly isolate the sound coming out which may result in noise leakage. 

Other than providing superior sound quality, this pair of headset is also designed to deliver great comfort. Featuring deluxe breathable ear-pads, the SHP900 improves the breathability as well as pressure and heat dissipation to allow a long-wearing session without any discomfort. 

Though most do like the model, one negative point for this headset is that the earpads are non-replaceable, which means you’ll have to replace the entire headphones if they get damaged.


Overall, the Philips SHP900 ensures great audio experience for an immersive gaming experience without breaking your bank.