Ubisoft’s Immortals Fenyx Rising Extension

Ubisoft, the world-renowned video game company whose franchises include
 Rainbow 6, Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry among others, released a new action-adventure franchise on December 3, 2020 – Immortals Fenyx Rising​​​​​

Set in an open-world version of ancient Greece, the main character – Fenyx – is set on a quest to defeat the evil Typhon with the help of Zeus and the pantheon of Gods.

To attract as many Twitch creators and viewers to discover their new title, Ubisoft was eager to find innovative ways to activate and maximize engagement for the launch. Ubisoft’s game team developed a unique interactive experience using the Twitch Extensions product, ultimately releasing their Monster Hunt Twitch Extension alongside their new title, empowering engagement and interactivity for viewers on Twitch.

The Extension allowed viewers to catch monsters from the game that appeared on the stream, helping them discover the game universe and engage directly with the content. Viewers capturing a certain number of monsters would receive in-game rewards such as armor, weapon skins, and potions – all directly usable the next time they played Immortals Fenyx Rising for themselves.

You can see the experience and the mechanics in this short video produced by Ubisoft.

The activation and interactivity was extremely well received by both creators and viewers, with the sentiment shared by the game project team at Ubisoft:
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4,550 Twitch creators installed and activated the Extension (50% of all Twitch Affiliate/Partners who streamed Immortals Fenyx Rising), and 644,169 viewers interacted with the Extension with an average of 25 clicks per viewer.

Viewers on Twitch channels with the Extension active watched on average ~3.5 times longer than viewers on channels without the Extension, showcasing the impact of such an integration and supporting Ubisoft’s goal of concurrent viewership on Twitch.

By the end of the activation, 137,000 rewards had been distributed by Ubisoft to their Twitch community.

To replicate these great results, Ubisoft reactivated the Extension for the launch of Immortals Fenyx Rising’s first expansion – Eastern Myths – in March 2021, with updated monsters to capture and in-game rewards. The Twitch community engagement was once again very positive with viewers consuming ~2.7 times more content on channels with the Extension active versus the control group.
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