Warzone & Apex Legends



With the genre becoming so popular it was inevitable that others would join. Call of Duty finally entered the fray with their take on Battle Royales with Warzone.

The fast-paced run and gun style from the standard multiplayer became an instant success. Incorporating loadouts, mixing in parts of existing maps, secret bunkers and special rare weapons to find make Warzone an exciting and intense experience.

Warzone has mixed things up a bit with unique respawn mechanics where you fight 1 vs 1 in the Gulag to see whether you can come back. SHould you lose, your team can still buy you back providing they have the cash.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Apex Legends was a breath of fresh air for the genre taking inspiration from Titanfall and being set in the same universe.
This ‘hero’ based battle royale gave players an interesting cast of characters each with their own unique abilities to make use of in the battlefield.Whether they be offensive, defensive or support focused there’s always something to help you out
. With a focus on freedom of movement and making use of verticality Apex Legends is excellent fun.


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